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28-04-2016 - Dominiek Hemeryck
May I ask you .. Do you want to stand on the podium of Delirium Blues Festival? The festival Roeselare Belgium on April 8, 2017!
Delirium Blues Festival also want to support our charity! I support the children who live in poverty!
Is it possible to provide a CD? So we can continue our crew bookings ..
Delirium Blues is a small organization with a small budget, I hope you understand this!
I hope we can work this out!
Greetings Dominiek

D Hemeryck
Westlaan 328,
8800 Roeselare
& thanks
31-08-2015 - Fred Delforge
C\'est toujours un plaisir de vous entendre les amis !! Ne changez rien, et trs vite On Ze Rde !!!
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